Freeing! “No known gene for anything psychiatric”

Mother Nature's Kissy Lips  With Duke and Daisy my little guardian angels :)
Mother Nature’s Kissy Lips
With Duke and Daisy my little guardian angels 🙂

“There is, as yet, no known gene for anything psychiatric. And the indications are that none will be found.”

I came across this article Mental Illness it’s Not in Your Genes this morning and found it quite intriguing. It was in fact freeing to consider that environment, and not solely genetics is responsible for most psychiatric or mental illnesses.


Because environment is something I can do something about. Genes? Not so much. (Unless you know about epigenetics)**

Environment consists of internal and external factors – what you think, what you eat, where you go, who you hang out with, all play a part. I find this invigorating and energizing – the power IS in my control to shape my destiny.

When I first realized this I got pissed off about it. GRRRRR … I can laugh now, but at first I SO beat myself up when I discovered that I’d been thinking TERRIBLE thoughts about myself fueled by the news, negative people and a crappy diet. I had created the conditions of my life. It’s like I gave myself clinical depression. What a dummy!!

So after beating myself up a bit more about being a dummy (and being a nurse educator I threw in an couple of extra hits of “shoulda known extra-better”) I learned about forgiveness, self-compassion, loving-kindness … and realized that I had been doing the best that I could with what I knew at the time, and now that I know, I can choose differently. The external environment can beat me up enough already, I choose to feed myself wholesome, loving, “I CAN do it,” “I AM doing it” thoughts!

I am not a slave to my DNA, what a freeing revelation!

**Update Feb 25, 2017 — Epigenetics?? It is “the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.”For more info check out this website what is Epigenetics?


The gift of asking …

New thought as a result of watching this TED talk:
Asking for help allows people to contribute to you. It let’s them “gift” you with their knowledge and skills. Multiply the asking and contributing and what do you get? A world that works better than it is now. AND the possibility of something even better than that!

So feel free to ask for whatever would most help you move your life’s purpose forward; share it below and maybe someone “out there” will be able to share their gifts with you; and then all of us!

Pass the gratitude on, smile, glow, be great-full 🙂




There are no accidents; with Abraham-Hicks

I’m relaxing on a sunshine-on-snow blue-skied afternoon here in the ‘Loops of BC. I started work early today (0615) so I’m off work early. I don’t usually get to enjoy the early afternoon during the week – whoohoo!! And on a Friday to boot; high 5!

So feet up, laptop and off to YouTube I go for some video fare. The first thing I see is the random recommendation and it’s called “No Accident is Accidental” and it’s by Abraham-Hicks, one of my favorite teachers of “getting it.” It seemed like something I ought to watch given my Dad’s recent car accident experience.**

And how coincidental (or serendipitous?) – it’s about Esther having an accident – Abraham tells the story – it’s really funny! As usual with them – there are some great teachings too. Nice way to start my weekend. Here is a link to the video (or it might pop up here I dunno! This is my first attempt at linking to a video 🙂 ) 

 What do you think? Synchronistic? Encouraging? It motivated me to post. Let me know what it does for you. Smiley face and all that!!

Enjoy your weekend, whenever that might be! In honour of my shift-worker healthcare friends -not everyone’s Friday happens on a Friday.

Feeling glowy about my weekend … you?


**My father is 82 yrs old and was in a 3 vehicle MVA on a highway during freezing rain 9 days ago. His van is totalled and another vehicle. The semi was okay. My Dad is doing fine – only 2 stitches it’s amazing! He even played tennis again, just a couple days afterwards – thought it would help with the aches. Go Dad!

Taking action in 2013! My dreams made me do it …

Hello world! 

Today I took action. I had a flash of inspiration to start a blog; nothing new, I’ve had that inspiration before. What is different about today is that I took action. I FINALLY did what I’ve been meaning to for a long time. 

Why? Last night I had 2 vivid dreams. I rarely remember dreams so this was weird. In one of the dreams I was stuffing coins into my mouth and struggling to swallow them. In the other dream, I was SO thirsty, so very desperately thirsty that my throat was sticking together and I couldn’t get any words out. I woke up almost gagging from it! 

I tried to figure out what the dreams might mean; I searched a couple of online dictionaries and nothing made sense so I gave up. An hour or so later I had a flash out of the blue – it’s time to put my money where my mouth is or else I’m going to choke on what is trying to come out of me! 

So I took action and it feels GREAT! I am energized and can’t wait to do more! One step will lead to another and then another. This is the first step of many, I am certain. 

And so it is.