My name is Ailie – rhymes with Bailey’s or ukelele

I’m a Registered Nurse certified in Gerontology. I have a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training – Healthcare Cohort.**

My specialty is dementia care and behavioural interventions/personal safety. My favorite things to teach are brain & behaviour, stress management, palliative/end of life care, pain management, and nonverbal communication – triune brain theory and  trauma-informed care.  What makes us human, what shapes us, why do I react the way I do and you react the way you do?

My learning and life have evolved into a passion for how to manage lateral violence and bullying in the workplace. My twist on it? It starts with me and how I relate to myself. I believe that self-understanding and self-management are tools that can and will shift the way that health “care” is delivered; as well as decreasing the “costs” to the system.

But why stop at the workplace? I want to share what I know!

I have a weakness for public speaking and creating presentations that have positive impact – sticky learning! I absolutely love seeing people light up as they make connections. It is my life mission to “Glow & Grow” and share the things that light me up — in the hopes of lighting a spark in others.

Cheers!                                                                                                                                                                          Ailie

** I completed an action research study at Hillside Centre in Kamloops. It is a tertiary adult psychiatric hospital that provides services to the interior and northern parts of BC. My thesis was titled Managing Knowledge; Systems and Processes to Support the Management of Violent or Aggressive Patient Behaviours. (2007. Manson,A: Royal Roads University, BC, CANADA)

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