Aging and Ageism


My friend Wendy posted on Facebook about attending her first “just-for-senior’s” event and how she is sometimes “defined” by her age. She said she is not ready for “BINGO and Fe Fie Fiddley-I-O.” She just turned 70.

I must agree! As a nurse with a specialty in gerontology (scientific study of old age and the process of aging) … I am morally obligated by my nursing practice standards (and Code of Ethics) to heartily DIS-agree when I see ageism in practice –regardless of the good intentions of the people who are ageist, or not.

I will use my Mum as an example.She is in Hawaii on vacation right now with her hubby Francis (shhhh he’s 14 years younger!) They were married on March 27, 1998 … and still going strong! Don’t they look great together?mum-francis

When my Mum turned 70, my sister Paula Bridgeman wrote a song for her birthday. The song is about my Mum’s life and what she had accomplished by the time she was 70. It is sung to the tune of “When I Was Single” a folk song we were learned when we were little. Paula asked me and my daughter Elizabeth to sing it during the birthday party. We sang it a cappella in an old church. It sounded frickin’ amazing!!  (Oddly enough, I put “take singing lessons and sing in public” on my “experiences to have” list a couple of years later … d’oh!)

So without any further ado; Septuagenarian Serenade … going out to all youngsters over 55. Seventy is the new 49 :-). Be like my Mum and don’t act your age! Live your life fully!

There we are, Paula, Ailie & Elizabeth … I called us A.P.E. on the CD info … tee hee hee … funny right?!


PS There are some interesting synchronicities at work and being a number junkie I’m going to share: we recorded the song on March 20, 2009 – my daughter Elizabeth’s 21st birthday. I’m posting it today February 22, 2017 – the five year anniversary of when Garrett proposed marriage to her at Disneyland 🙂 How cool is that eh? Yes I like numerology and the Fibonacci sequence and don’t get me started talking about prime numbers … cause I’m a geek beyond geeks … and I love it!