So much goes unsaid…

Great empowerment prose, l love the ending!

Empowerment is Everything

So much goes unsaid

When we fit our tete-a-tete, heart-to-heart, and soul-to-soul conversations

In between

What we really want to be doing

So much goes unsaid

When we listen with our ears

but not our hearts

So much goes unsaid

When we hit a wall

And love holds us back from punching through it

Or fear

Of being judged?

Of being wrong?

Of what, I don’t know

So much goes unsaid

I know this, because 60,000 thoughts fly through my head in a day

I may give voice to less than a thousand of those, and I’m sure another few thousand are all about which thousand to say out loud

So much goes unsaid

When I want to hug you, kiss you, rough up your hair, ground you in your body, tickle you

And yet you are not here with me

You’re somewhere else

I can only imagine tickling you

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