Mindfulness starts with the body: A view from the brain

Neuroscience meets contemplative wisdom; a really clearly presented talk on embodied mindfulness and what it can do to increase human health. Very inspiring!

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Mindfulness starts with the body: A view from the brain

  1. Yes, succinct and clearly articulated. It will be interesting to hear the findings from the research she is doing on cognitive fatigue. There is a lot already known about fatigue and human error via James Reason and others, but it seems that there is still so much work yet to do with getting organizations (healthcare and beyond) to truly integrate this knowledge into everyday organizational practices. Thanks for keeping the focus on the value of mindfulness-based living.


    1. Oh Teresa, a woman after my own heart! I fantasize about having meditation rooms in special care units where people with dementia and the people that care for them can take a breather from stress and zero back into a fully grounded state of being; “rest and digest” as Dr Rick Hansen calls it. If you’re not resting and digesting you are fighting and flighting (fleeing) … we need to help each other get back to ground zero eh? That’s why “Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers” (book by Dr Richard Sapolsky) once the lion stops chasing it, it doesn’t relive the experience and hang onto the trauma, it just goes back to munching grass.


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