Taking action in 2013! My dreams made me do it …

Hello world! 

Today I took action. I had a flash of inspiration to start a blog; nothing new, I’ve had that inspiration before. What is different about today is that I took action. I FINALLY did what I’ve been meaning to for a long time. 

Why? Last night I had 2 vivid dreams. I rarely remember dreams so this was weird. In one of the dreams I was stuffing coins into my mouth and struggling to swallow them. In the other dream, I was SO thirsty, so very desperately thirsty that my throat was sticking together and I couldn’t get any words out. I woke up almost gagging from it! 

I tried to figure out what the dreams might mean; I searched a couple of online dictionaries and nothing made sense so I gave up. An hour or so later I had a flash out of the blue – it’s time to put my money where my mouth is or else I’m going to choke on what is trying to come out of me! 

So I took action and it feels GREAT! I am energized and can’t wait to do more! One step will lead to another and then another. This is the first step of many, I am certain. 

And so it is.




3 thoughts on “Taking action in 2013! My dreams made me do it …

  1. Ailie-my belated congratulations on the creation of your blog. WTG! Dreams are a fascinating phenomena and I felt goosebumps as I was reading your interpretation…good stuff. I am inspired!


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