Aging and Ageism


My friend Wendy posted on Facebook about attending her first “just-for-senior’s” event and how she is sometimes “defined” by her age. She said she is not ready for “BINGO and Fe Fie Fiddley-I-O.” She just turned 70.

I must agree! As a nurse with a specialty in gerontology (scientific study of old age and the process of aging) … I am morally obligated by my nursing practice standards (and Code of Ethics) to heartily DIS-agree when I see ageism in practice –regardless of the good intentions of the people who are ageist, or not.

I will use my Mum as an example.She is in Hawaii on vacation right now with her hubby Francis (shhhh he’s 14 years younger!) They were married on March 27, 1998 … and still going strong! Don’t they look great together?mum-francis

When my Mum turned 70, my sister Paula Bridgeman wrote a song for her birthday. The song is about my Mum’s life and what she had accomplished by the time she was 70. It is sung to the tune of “When I Was Single” a folk song we were learned when we were little. Paula asked me and my daughter Elizabeth to sing it during the birthday party. We sang it a cappella in an old church. It sounded frickin’ amazing!!  (Oddly enough, I put “take singing lessons and sing in public” on my “experiences to have” list a couple of years later … d’oh!)

So without any further ado; Septuagenarian Serenade … going out to all youngsters over 55. Seventy is the new 49 :-). Be like my Mum and don’t act your age! Live your life fully!

There we are, Paula, Ailie & Elizabeth … I called us A.P.E. on the CD info … tee hee hee … funny right?!


PS There are some interesting synchronicities at work and being a number junkie I’m going to share: we recorded the song on March 20, 2009 – my daughter Elizabeth’s 21st birthday. I’m posting it today February 22, 2017 – the five year anniversary of when Garrett proposed marriage to her at Disneyland 🙂 How cool is that eh? Yes I like numerology and the Fibonacci sequence and don’t get me started talking about prime numbers … cause I’m a geek beyond geeks … and I love it!



What’s the point of knowing your purpose???

Have you ever wondered what the point was? Why do people care about knowing their purpose? What good can it do you?

For me, the good overcame the gloom. There is a point! I found a process that helped me move forward again. I liked it so much I’m now a certified guide. Want to know more? Check out my blog post here:

My Life Purpose and Gift Discovery Program – Shared With Purpose.



Be the reason someone dances!

This video is exactly what I needed to stumble across this morning. It is a blast of hope with a side of dancing – enjoy!!

A Letter to the Future From Kid President – YouTube.

This Kid is SO inspiring! He says there are 2 BILLION kids in the world. Imagine a world full of Kid Presidents? All that effervescent joy and positive energy focused on kindness and community?


Emotional Food for Thought

Here is a short, sweet, insightful video about emotions and healthy expression of them.  Emotions themselves aren’t “bad” – it’s how you react to them that matters. Who is in control? You or the emotion?

Watching This 2 Minute Insightful Animation Will Teach You To Free Yourself From Stress, Anxiety and Depression – Educate Inspire Change.

Transforming Fear Into Growth

Synchronicity or what?! I rediscovered this link in an old bookmark file this morning. Fear of Transformation – it was 2006 when I heard it: the professor read it aloud to our class; fifty fearful freaking out leadership school students. It begins with “Sometimes I feel my life is a series of trapeze bars.” I was hooked. By the end it stopped me in my tracks with this new thought:

transformation of fear may have nothing to do

with making fear go away”

I was researching how to manage violence and aggression at the time. Now I’m focusing on the opposites: the benefits that gratitude and self-understanding create for us. I only just “got it” after re-reading the Fear of Transformation this morning. I’ve transformed from running away from fear to allowing it to guide me when needed.

Here’s the synchronicity: just a few days ago I was on a radio show talking about this very thing. The big AHA this morning? I’ve been in a decades long learning loop and have finally broken free! I’m now sharing the benefits of understanding fear in the hopes of guiding and empowering others to whatever transformation they desire. Listen to the interview here:

Why am I sharing these things? I believe that understanding our fears gives us the courage to face them. We can learn to hear them out, thank them and ultimately embrace them.

Yes it is SCARY! At first. Funny thing about fear – if you give it a voice and a “thanks for the heads up – I got this” – then fear has done it’s job and goes off-duty. Even better, over time, fear learns it doesn’t have to knock so hard to be heard.

What’s good about that? It gets quiet enough to hear your passions urging you to come out and play. It’s safe!

So what lights you up? What makes your heart sing? What makes you giggle in child-like wonder and joy? These are not childish questions. It is NOT selfish to want to be happy; it is doing yourself a service. How? When you engage with the positive emotions and feelings that bubble up as you remember what makes you jump for joy; your body chemistry changes. You can rewire your brain. Literally! This is ultimately a service to humanity.

Eh what?? Me serve humanity? Isn’t that a bit much to bite off and chew? How? Why?

I believe that feelings can be infectious and we need to be more responsible for what we are putting “out there.” Knowing what makes you tick creates self-understanding and thus compassion for others. We all flip out on occasion – it’s normal. When we emanate calm understanding in the face of fear, we can inoculate others – they “catch” our calmness – no injection needed! It’s empathy – feeling with a person.

Imagine all that empathy rippling out into the world to create the circumstances needed to move forward as one people for the good of all – because we understand each other and acknowledge our shared humanity? Just by owning up to our feelings and being gentle with ourselves and each other – how simple is that? And then imagine BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worldwide being rerouted into education, healthcare, science and exploration?!?!

And so BE it!

So come on out and play already! Wanna learn how? Don’t take years to figure it out like I did; I can guide you to rewrite your story. Check out our Facebook page for more info – site launch coming in January!

Let’s look to the good together. Imagine the party we’re having as we celebrate!!!






The Science of Depression – YouTube

WOW – this short clip captures decades of research about depression and frames it in an easily understandable way. This is perfect for sharing with anyone who might believe that you just need to “pull up your socks” because it’s all in your head. I love the ASAP Science Channel on YouTube!  Check it out – via The Science of Depression – YouTube.